142 Commercial Street, Boston, MA, 02109

142 Commercial Street, Boston, MA 02109
Office Phone: 617.723.4240
Fax: 617.723.3445

The North End is Boston’s oldest residential community having been originally settled in 1630. What began as the home to Pilgrims and Patriots has grown to a neighborhood of rich culture with diverse architecture, historic landmarks, authentic Italian restaurants and a strong sense of place.  The winding, sometimes cobblestoned streets which have a European ambiance, are inhabited by locals who value community and international visitors who come for the fine foods and convivial atmosphere.

It is in this neighborhood that you will find the Otis & Ahearn rental office.  Established in 2010 the staff at 142 Commercial Street brings the same high degree of service, knowledge, and value to the sales and rental market that sellers and buyers have come to appreciate from Otis & Ahearn.  As such our associates have expanded their work scope to include representing clients in all aspects of residential real estate transactions.

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