Otis & Ahearn’s New Development Marketing & Consulting combines unrivaled sales and marketing expertise with the understanding of intricate details to major trends. Otis & Ahearn’s approach includes comprehensive in-house weekly data research analysis, product development, operations, marketing and sales. Our unparalleled and proprietary weekly reports allow us to have market information on purchasing trends, enabling the ability to forecast further activity and stay ahead of the curve. Otis & Ahearn’s Consulting & Marketing services began in the mid 1980’s and has proven to be both a valuable and an timely service to real estate developers, investors and financial institutions. The marketing activities of the company were established to provide Development Consulting and On-Site Sales Service to the developers of condominium projects. We have collaborated with leading developers, world-renowned architects and interior designers to create the most coveted properties in the marketplace. Please visit our Completed Projects Portfolio.

Otis & Ahearn in its marketing activities provides developers with services ranging from pre-development consulting to re-sale programs for investor buyers. A typical marketing program begins with in-depth market research to determine the proper positioning of the product in the marketplace against the competition, as well as to determine what buyers will demand in terms of finishes, services and amenities. Many stages follow which lead to implementing the actual marketing program. Please visit our Services Page.